Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lunch at il lido

what's not to love. 

Great food with amazing colors and taste and an amazing view of Sentosa and people playing on the fake beaches lol, which led to a lot of life pondering questions which Aaron attempted to answer. 

Pardon me while I proceed to show you what I mean by food with amazing colors. 

Jumbo crab with tomato and basil essence. 
Ok so this is my favourite dish forever now. And yes if I could marry this dish, I TOTALLY WOULD. This, my friends, is butternut tortellini with truffle bagnacauda . 
Main dish: Seabass caccuico and cherry tomatoes. 

So nomz. :D 

Yknow with a lot of my friends getting married and engaged, they're fretting over rings and stuff but I'm like, why? If a guy proposes to me with butternut tortellini and a life supply of mashed potatoes with cheese, I would totally say yes. 

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