Saturday, November 8, 2014

Portraits night@MAAD and nails.

Now, if you're thinking: why is there a corn in the picture. The answer is: I was so fucking hungry I bought the first edible thing I saw.  Its $2 and its so freakin amazing. I love corns.
anyway.... so we decided to have supper. SHAO KAO MEAT MEAT MEAT supper at 12am!!! Thats what Mike said!!! Cant say no to shao kao~ And then this happened....
VEGETABLE GALORE. hen tong ku~~~ All the dishes that came were all green green green. Theres also bitter gourd. How does anyone eat that. I really don't understand.
meowzie~ with the arty farties. 
and here mikes like " come come, take a picture with the bitter gourd".
wheres my meat. :( :( :(

Gelish nails are seriously damn bad for you. In my whole entire life, I've only did gel-ish on my fingernails twice. The first time I did it was at Kiyone~ i really love that place btw. The second time I did gel nails was very recently like 4 weeks ago? Oh and if you want to know,  I did it at some random heartland mall place. I mean, I've read stories about how damaging gelish nails are but I never really thought much about it until today!? So what happened was that my nail tore away from my nail bed causing my whole left thumb to swell and bleed from under my nail. It is so so so painful. I have to keep clutching my thumb because it was so bad. :( My nails became so brittle and thin that it tore away from my nail bed!?!?! whut!?

It hurts so bad. I don't know if I can embroider for now :(
I have a really really exciting project coming up that I can't wait to share, BUT I NEED TO START EMBROIDERING NOW. How to do that if my thumb fucking hurts.

zhermo ban.

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