Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekend Getaway With BANDWAGON

HI! what a week really. I was so extremely busy, but super thankful for this weekend get away to Genting Highlands with Bandwagon. If you're thinking "what is Bandwagon?", please check it out here. If you like music and festivals, CLICK ON THE LINK NOW!! 

It was such a good trip, with beer and crazy music on the bus. Can you imagine though, partying on the bus. Initially I was thinking like "oh my, isn't everybody going to get motion sickness", do you dance on a moving bus. Clearly, I was wrong. It is possible! And there is also this thing called seat dancing, which is extremely doable. Just sit down and move your hands around. SEAT DANCING. 

My job there is actually to paint people with neon glow in the dark paints on the bus, and if you're thinking "how to paint on a moving bus?" and yes you are right, painting on a moving bus with people dancing is very much impossible. But when you put the right people all on the same bus, with the same amount of crazies, crazy things happen. So thats what happened. Neon paint smearing everywhere! 

The whole purpose for the neon paints was to tie in with the fact that we were on our way to Genting to catch the iLuminate dance show. And it was SO amazing I promise you. The lights and all, the only thing I didn't get was the story line, but then again, it might just be me. 

I shall now leave you with some pictures! 

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