Friday, May 1, 2015

Brighter Day

oh its so difficult to write about feelings,
these feelings I have, swirling swirling swirling, 
like a dark black curse about to engulf.
Oh Anya, do you know how I feel!!

oh how my mind stirs,
how should I say goodnight,
how do I sleep
when you're not in sight.
oh Anya, fight for me please, 
with all your might! 

It difficult! 
I write and I tear and I write and I tear.
Take these away please for I can't bear the night.
oh Anya, come here, feel my heart and then rip it out.
Rip it out! so that I will never feel for him again. Rip it out! 

Anya, Anya! I'm sick!!
Make me one of your warrior potions,
so that when daylight comes,
my mind will be free again.
Take this sickness away, 
Anya, promise me tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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