Monday, May 25, 2015

Guilty Pleasures, Endocytosis and Sigh Balls.

How was your weekend? Did you finally catch up on your sleep? Did you go away on a vacation? or did you have to work? I really don't think people should work on weekends it should be completely illegal just saying. but anyway...

My weekend: 
1) I went to a really cool bar called The Library. You have to look out for the password to enter the bar. They have really amazingly creative drinks. I had a pineapple cocktail that was served in a tiki tiki cup which was so cool because it came with the fog and flowers and everything. My friend had a drink that came with popcorn, and another that came with peas. 

The password yesterday was Poker In The Rear. But all I could hear was poke her in the rear, but let's not go there...

2) Whiskey whiskey. Dancing with a glass cup of whiskey in your hands is not a very good idea because a) you smash it into people's faces when your favourite song comes on and b) it drips everywhere and everyone but no one cares so it's fine. 

3) 33 year old angmoh uomini fascinated by 1kg spinning ball in the water. 

4) 7am, Slept in yesterday's clothes. 

5) Sighs around the house. I think if Sighs are visible like a white foam ball or something like overtime someone sighs a white ball appears, the whole house will be filled with Sigh Balls that I wont be able to get to the kitchen without effort. I'd have to waddle in a pool of white Sigh Balls. SIGH. 

btw completely unrelated but Yknow what endocytosis is? I want to describe how I've been feeling the whole week but the only word or process that can describe it is Endocytosis

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