Monday, May 25, 2015

Print Brand ALERT: My Tulisan

As a textile designer and illustrator, I have a huge love for prints. Think: Marimekko, Elley Kishimoto, Cath Kidston. If you're thinking "sure, but any close to home in asia?", I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU: My Tulisan

My Tulisan is a brand from Indonesia founded by artist Melissa Sunjaya as her way of capturing her thoughts and infusing her emotions into her surroundings. I love this concept! Absolutely! Its what I strive to do as an artist too so Im really inspired by her and her brand. When I visited their first flagship store in Singapore I was completely blown away, prints everywhere! 

RIGHT!? I also love that every print has a story and a process that comes with it. And if you know me well I have a completely weakness for lifestyle products so this shop made my knees weak, I just wanted to take everything. And as a textile graduate I also have to point out that each piece is hand screen printed, so each piece that you own is treated with love and creativity and respect of artisans and craftsmen.

Just think of the labour and work that goes into producing these prints, layers of colour separation, hours of waiting to dry, days of test printing. If you're a creative I'm sure you'd totally understand and you'd have the same appreciation for brands like these and the artist behind it. Don't you?

Thank you My Tulisan for gifting me with such lovely prints that brighten up my wardrobe and life. I mean, really, a hard cover a4 sketchbook that comes with such a lovely print!! Bags with large oversized prints in bold colours!! IM SOLD!!

TOP: Zara
BOTTOM: Uniqlo
SHOES: Pedro
BAG: My Tulisan.  (shop online)

Flagship store in Singapore: 
Mandarin Gallery
Level 4, Unit 28
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

Have a lovely lovely printyy week~~  draw more and write more and inspire people all around. xx

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  1. Hey Teresa! I love your pictures especially the ones you took in germany, the colours are lovely. I was wondering what camera do you use?