Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I got lost. 

I was wandering, wandering, wandering. All that was on my mind was You. I got on the wrong bus, but decided to take it through anyway. I sat through all the way and finished my book, finished my writings, and took a deep breath. Now. Where am I. 

Its days like this that I find myself through wandering, through getting lost.
Like ooh, look, a wonderful corner of rubbish. My thoughts are with the people who once used them. My thoughts are with you. My thoughts are with the man who used to sit on that chair, that stool, that table and have his dinner whilst waiting for his children to come home from work. Perhaps they've moved out and he no longer eats at that table, he eats alone in his room with the tv blaring on. Perhaps he no longer needs the chair because he has upgraded to a nicer one that massages instead of giving him bruises on his back. 

Perhaps one day we trade our past memories for better ones. Perhaps one day. The memories of pain and bruises will be gone. 


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