Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Innocence of the Madness of Men

The moon these few nights is so bright, its beyond divine.

Conversations with the moon has led me to places. Am I existing or am I living to the fullest.
What is living to the fullest? I realised that life is a journey, its a journey that involves many people. Some people move further and climb higher places than you, and some people will remain behind. But its fine! I'm going to enjoy my own journey, at my own pace, climb as high as I can and use the people who climbed higher as motivation that it is possible. Sometimes you climb and you'll fall, I guess thats fine. Thats me now. I climbed up, liked the view and hung on for too comfortable and didn't even know I fell...only realised when I hit the ground. Getting up is painful when you realise the bruises and the cuts,

but I'm going to climb again. If I fall, so be it, I'll die trying. Its better than lying on the ground wishing I'm somewhere else but here. If thats you, know that I'm rooting for you too, whoever and wherever you are. Lets get up now.

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