Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plants and Sun

They have a beautiful house with lots of plants out in their balcony. Lots of sunlight. Lots lots lots. Happy space. Some months I come and the plants are shrivelled up and drying drying dying dying, some months I come and the plants are bright green and full of life. I think about the people living in this house sometimes. 

When alls well, they water water water. 
"gambatte! grow grow grow!" 
When alls not, they wither wither wither. 
"sigh...tomorrow...tomorrow's tomorrows" 

I think our surroundings are a reflection of whats going on in the inside. Some sort of chaos sometimes. What if its like that with me, on good days I treat myself well, on bad days I neglect everything and everything dies. ok nononono, not like that. Water your plants everyday people!! 
Literally and metaphorically

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