Wednesday, January 13, 2016

xngt + snox

Nothing and no one is irreplaceable. Remember that.

I got reminded of this again today and it changed my perception of things and people. I mean, I've always known this, but sometimes you get so caught up in things you forget that in reality... nothing lasts forever. What you needed last year might not be what you need this year. What you want NOW might not be what you want in the future. The job that you once thought you loved might be the reason why you're unhappy. The friends that you thought you loved, might be the reason for tears at night. The girl/boy that used to proclaim their love to everyone for you, might end up being the one leaving you for someone else someday. Everything changes. Everyone changes... sometimes too suddenly. Maybe everyone is just temporary, on stand by...until the next lover comes, until the next job comes, until the next student comes, until the next "breakthrough" comes, until the next next next next next.

so much negativity tonight, but lets stop and look at this picture I took last year. I really like this photo now...probably will like it until the next roll of film gets developed and I'll find another photo to like then... *sulks*

heres a picture of a snail that trusts me not to sprinkle salt on it in hopes to watch it fizzle and die. Lets name it Snox. Snox has probably watched many of his friends and family snail members get crushed on road pavements or burnt by naughty kids. Snox sees me offer a flower petal (that could have been a trap), but advances (very slowly) towards me anyway. Bad things might happen to it on other days no doubt, but if Snox keeps living in fear for those bad days then Snox will never experience good days too. Tee is going to be like Snox.

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