Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Nice things today: 
  • fresh air after heavy rain.
  • conversations with overly enthusiastic kid.
  • conversations with random snail.
  • warm tea in cold mall. 
  • long bus rides home (on double decker bus) 
  • fish soup with extra slices of fish.
  • having ice cream whilst walking up a hill.
  • new music. 

I think about specific words sometimes. Like repeatedly think and say the word until it loses its meaning. This process is called semantic satiation

H told me about a boy. She smiled at me and said "you know yesterday, a boy died because he jumped off from this building. He didn't like his family, so he wanted to die.

died. how fragile is life. repeat until it loses its meaning...feel uncomfortable, then start to think of Venus. 

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