Saturday, January 23, 2016

5H and comforting conversations.

This is a sign that I've been spending too much time on Pinterest.

I completely fell in love with the pastel ombre hair look that keeps appearing on my feed on Pinterest. So one day, (which is today) I decided....ok LETS DO IT!!!! Very much forgetting that many years ago (maybe about 5 years), I made a promise to myself to NEVER bleach my hair again because of all the traumatic hair wash experiences where hair would just clump together in a tangled mess that spells OMG DONT BLEACH YOUR HAIR. But today I fact, I bleached it 3 times *insert painful laugh*

I also recognise its a bit difficult to get light colors on my hair because I've been dyeing my hair black regularly so my expectations were set pretty low. But when Ebina finished putting the colours, I was like yay, I almost have pinterest hair! ^^ Its still slightly yellowy at the ends but thats gotta have to wait till the next touch up session.

Anyway I had the most comforting conversation today with M, it has comforted me on so many levels I hope it comforts any one reading this who needs comfort on this issue too. So here goes... recently I noticed when I put on my bra, there is a bulge of back fat that oozes out from the side of the bra. I mean, it doesn't spill out so maybe 'ooze' isn't the right word to use... but HOLY SHIT HOW DID I ACCUMULATE SO MUCH BACK FAT. It was never there!!! But now it is!!! I started doing some weight training and cardio because I was soooooo depressed, like I don't even know my body anymore...who are you, and how did you get so fat! I confided in M today, like "babe, when I wear a bra now, there is a bulge. A bra bulge. i'm damn sad, like seriously" and she looked at me and said "i also have." And that, ladies and gentlemen, was easily the most comforting conversation I had today. 

Its ok to have imperfect bodies, it'll never be the same as how it was 5 or 10 years ago, so chill fam... its cool...

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