Thursday, February 4, 2016


I took this picture at some random hub block I walked past whilst holding my seaweed chicken lunch.  I wanted to sit under the void deck and have my meal proper, but there was some auntie sleeping on the entire bench and it seemed quite inappropriate to invade her space. So I sat at the staircase landing  and devoured my chicken whilst listening to Vivaldi. The block was quite empty so I didn't think anyone would actually climb down the stairs but someone did eventually...and the old man was so shocked to see me, his expression made me feel like I did something wrong, so instinctively...I took my bag and my chicken and my drink and ran down the stairs. Maybe there was a "no eating" sign somewhere that I didn't see... I don't know! but I guess its better than those neighbourhood school kids that get caught making out or having sex at staircase landings...I'm just a grown up who eats at staircase landings. Pretty harmless in comparison. Actually, both are harmless. 

But anyway, I took this photo because it made me think about time. A year. Like a passage of time somewhat. In a blink of an eye its already Feb. At every point where you are, what you see will be different too, what you experience will be different too. So I zoomed in all the way to the end, metaphorically, if thats my end point, what would that be? And so it seems that my end point is a rubbish cart. 

I refused to accept that, even if its just metaphorically. I walked to the end, and pushed the rubbish cart away. 

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