Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rain and Tears

I love dark clouds. It makes me feel super calm and theres something big and mighty up there watching and somehow protecting us. Except dont make it angry because yknow... thunder and all. Holy shit, its been a month since I last wrote an entry. How are you? The past month has been completely chaotic and busy. I've probably offended a few people in one way or so because of this. But oh wells, you cant please everyone and still remain sane. 

Anyway, today she told me about flies and CDs. She said that if you want to shoo a fly away, you just need to point the shiny side of a CD towards it and it will not come near because its afraid of the light. We tried it, but the fly still came. She looked at me and said "I guess its the same with Cancer....

I started thinking about it but she continued telling me about the Old Lady who stays opposite the house...and how she talks to herself all day long because there is no one to talk to. She talks to the sky. She gets angry and starts complaining about her life really loudly, and then suddenly, she cries. I heard her cry once, wail how the wind howls when it rains, with the pitter patter of the rain drops echoing her tears and the thunder tearing the sky apart mirroring her anger. I asked H why the Old Lady cries so much, she said "I dont know, could be her children...but lets mind our own business.

And then the Old Lady started crying again and in the background, the rain got heavier. Synchronised tears. Goosebumps.  

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  1. " you cant please everyone and still remain sane. " !!! I need to remember this. Thank you.