Monday, April 11, 2016

Eyes / Dreams / Stairs


Sometimes the shape of the eyes can tell me so much about someone. The nonchalent ones, the bubbly ones, the lost ones, the ones that eat too much donuts etc etc etc. I just can tell. When I meet someone new, as superficial as it sounds, I judge them by their eyes... its like my kind of gut feeling. When people ask which is the part of my body that I dislike the most, I'd say eyes. Not that I dislike my eyes, "dislike" is a strong word, (sorry my eyes that are reading this, I appreciate you very much dont be angry) I feel self conscious about my eyes, in a way that I wonder...can people read me? My eyes do weird things sometimes, like...they dont listen to me. 


I dream too much. I dream every night. Vivid ones. I go to sleep tired, I close my eyes and then I enter the world of dreams, and then I open my eyes and its time to wake up. I wake up super tired. Believe me when I say this, I wake up even more tired than when I went to bed the night before. And this continues day after day after day. My mind is working even when Im sleeping. I used to think it was a gift...kinda, like being able to dream so much because it churns out so much ideas and plots for my work and because i love weird thoughts. But now, I just want to sleep. Dream suppressant. Stop dreaming. Sleep. Rest. Recharge. 


I was climbing up this flight of stairs. It was steep. I dont really like stairs, especially going up because I have this fear that I'd fall backwards. I was climbing the flight of stairs, holding the railing, going up going up going up. And then the railing disconnected suddenly, I wasnt expecting I froze and immediately bent forward to retrieve some balance and more importantly not to fall backwards cos yknow... bones broken, fractured skull, paralysis etc this guy behind me was using his phone and wasnt expecting me to stop suddenly, and his face bumped into my butt. I think he got a shock, I didnt even turn back... I felt the bump and then I ran to the station and never looked back. 

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