Thursday, October 22, 2015

mid week thoughts

I taught a class yesterday and it was such a pleasure to meet everyone. I am so deeply encouraged when I saw familiar faces re-attending the workshop...just to create something new again. And also for all the positive feedback, arghhh, you guys completely made my week.  \^_^/

Also, I'm in the midst of a stand still now, you know the feeling when you're just not sure what your goal is and suddenly everything just looks bleak and uninteresting? Even words don't come out the way I want them to. Its so easy to just slip away into being upset and depressed about being stuck, whiskey and coffee every morning, tears and gin every know sometimes its very comfortable to be sad, theres a certain attraction to melancholy. And as a creative, sometimes Im drawn to that because it fuels me to create. Its sad to say but most of the time, I have the best ideas only when I'm down, nothing good ever comes out of me being happy. Does anyone else feel this way too? 

So is there only one way for artists/creatives to go, and thats down and up and down and up... like a menstrual cycle that one expects to come once in a while. Is this normal or am I just getting too used to being down. 

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