Friday, October 30, 2015


Yknow how some days everything just goes wrong. Anything and everything! I had such a day this week, believe me, the day ended in tears after some random man accidentally stepped on my foot and that was it, flood gates just opened after that. I was SO angry at everything and anything and then I realised maybe I'm the one causing the bad day. My thoughts were mostly negative and angry curses, it's no wonder that I'm only attracting all the bad things to me. I mean, seriously, no one has ever "scolded" me for not giving up my seat to an elderly, but on that bad day, I was scolded infront of everyone on the train because I didn't see the old lady stand infront of me. T_T 

Today actually started out as a not so good day, I over slept, I didn't get much work done, my threads ran out, missed my stop, lost my ATM bank card at the train station. It could have gone so much worse, but everytime something "bad" happened, I learnt to counter it by making it something good. 

The moment I overslept, I thought, ok great, at least I had a good rest. Thanks for the good rest! When I realised I ran out of threads, I thought, ok since I can't embroider now I'm going to spend some time reading. When I missed my stop, I took a walk and was thankful that I could enjoy a nice short walk. I practiced being positive for almost everything that when I realised I lost my ATM card, my first thought was "ok, this is a useful reminder to be more careful next time" before I proceeded to make arrangements for a replacement card. There was absolutely no panic or fluster. Also, nothing bad happened even though I lost it in the afternoon and only realised it at night.

And now at the end of the day on my bed, when I think back about the day (as I always do before I sleep)... It feels like such a great day, and I'm thankful for everything that happened. And my hope is that We will always see the good in everyday for as long as always. It makes life so much more....liveable and light. 

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