Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend happiness.

Favourite moments this weekend : 

Saturday: Stepping out of my house to this sight of my neighbour's kids playing out in the corridor. They were so excited playing with the bubble blower thingy. I had to join them, we played with bubbles for awhile, their positive and cheerful energy is so contagious, it completely made my day. :) 

"Can I take a picture of the bubbles? They're so pretty!"
"Yes ok!! let me make more bubbles, ok now take a photo!!"
and his brother joined in...
"Take a photo of my scooter too!!" 

Sunday: Looking at my boyfriend's happy face whilst inhaling the glorious smell of all the cheese. He's like a kid in a candy store because of the wide selection of cheese. Its his favourite place now because the smell of cheese reminds him of home hahahah. I couldnt go in, the smell was too strong for me. I went in with him once, and all I can say is... wow. no. When I see him smile like this, it makes me so happy :) 

Last week I tried this self activity thing, to smile at 10 random people that you meet in your day. It completely changed my day, it was so positive and happy, esp when they smile back. Its the most amazing feeling ever. Like for an example, before getting off the bus... I recently made it a point to say 'thank you' with a big smile to the bus driver. Its a really good feeling spreading happiness and positivity. So this week, I'm quite excited to carry on my week doing exactly this. 

Try it too! :D 


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  1. Hi! I just stated reading your blog as I saw your site first which led me to here.. I love your work so it's awesome getting to read more about where your inspiration comes from.

    Anyway, I digress.. I just wanted to say this is a great idea and I do it myself too from time to time and I'm almost constantly surprised by the reactions I get and the positive feeling I receive from it - the world is such a better, brighter place when people smile! Thanks for spreading the positivity!