Monday, October 19, 2015


Have you ever watched this movie called Frequencies? If not, please go check it out. To very briefly sum it up: its about how everything needs to have the right frequency, even with people relations. Some people might emit very high frequencies and some very low, which is why they'd feel uncomfortable because the frequencies don't match up. (Btw, whatever I'm describing here is purely fiction.) So, in order to "balance" out the frequencies, someone must say a certain word and whatever anxiety or unhappiness or anger will go away. 

I watched this movie months ago, I really loved it because of its original concept even though its a low budget production and some parts were quite cringe worthy. But but but but but,  a certain train of thought just came to me during the week, what if...just what if, certain words really have certain frequencies that will alter the tension or balance out whatever unequal level of frequency amongst a group of people, or with your partner for that matter? Or even! Certain words that just elevate and make people feel a whole lot better. Words like "Thank You" or "I'm sorry" or "I love you". And of course at the other end of the spectrum there are also words that can bring people down. 

And also, there is a completely different spectrum for people like me, i mean, have you EVER had this urge to just say a certain word out, just completely randomly. Like you're walking on the street and then you just feel like saying the words "cupcake" or "toenail" out loud even if you're alone?! This didn't make sense to me until I remembered the movie Frequencies. So like....

*walking along Orchard Road with le boyfriend when suddenly...*

Tee: SHINKANSEN!! (train in japanese) 
Le Boyf: ???????

I don't even speak japanese, I just have urges to say random words out loud with much enthusiasm. Or like during dinner with le friends when suddenly....

Tee: FRAGOLLA!! (strawberry in italian) 
Le friends: ?????????

and I don't even speak Italian. Speaking of which, I once had this dream completely in Italian. The only words exchanged in the dream were Fragola, Ciotolla, and bottiglia, I don't even know whether I got the spelling right but they mean Strawberry, Bowl and Bottle. But anyway, coming back to the point about frequencies, what if saying these words actually served a purpose to balance out some unbalanced frequencies around me so that things can go smoothly and well? ok, so at this point you're probably thinking that Im absolutely crazy, but please go watch the movie anyway. 

Also, I went shopping at Ikea this weekend and bought house things. House things!!!! ooOooOooHHHhhh, felt like a grown up, but didn't like the feeling of responsibilities that came with it and just being adultish didn't seem like much fun, so proceeded to buy a carrot and broccoli plushie because vegetables are cute, don't eat them. 


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