Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Vatican and Tiramisu.

Hi, or here we say Ciao! 

Ciao Minna San! 

I absolutely love rome, but you already know that by now. I'm completely fascinated by history and the past, so its not a surprise that Rome should intrigue me so much. But anyway, right now as I am writing this, there is a fight happening outside my apartment...there are a lot of people jeering and cheering, I'm not even sure what it is about but they've blocked the entire path so theres no way I want to push through everyone. Initially the plan was to get my book and head out to a nice cafe and have gelato and cakes, but now theres the fight so I headed back to my apartment...which isn't too bad really, but the water pipe in the toilet is emitting a foul smell and as a is making me feel extremely disoriented. 

Today I saw lots of things. But lets start with the Vatican City.

I walked a long distance from my apartment to the Vatican City. I could have taken the train, but walking seemed more desirable at the point of time because it was such a beautiful day. I've almost got knocked down two times in the course of this walk because I can't seem to remember that the traffic flow is in the opposite direction compared to home. And I had this strange thought, that if I were to die near the Vatican City would my soul go through an express lane, since yknow...I'm so near the holy city. 

Ok so now imagine this with me: The sun is scorching, and you've walked a long long long way and you've finally reached the Vatican City and you see a long long long queue of people and you decide to join the queue because, thats what Singaporeans do, if theres a queue, it must be good!...and its so hot (you've forgotten to put sun block today) but you wait in line anyway and when its finally your turn *oh thank god*, you get denied entry because BECAUSE!!! have 5 pairs of scissors in your bag. 


And its either you give up your scissors, or turn away...and I turned away. T_T There wasn't any way I would give up all my scissors, do you know how hard it is to find a pair of scissors here in Italy. But anyway I walked around the vatican city and soaked up some holiness before heading to a nearby cafe to sit down. Heres some of my thoughts and observations from the cafe sitting:


1) The priest is smoking. Is smoking a sin? If it is because of the fact that "we are harming our bodies" then, eating processed food is also a sin. 

2) A pregnant beggar comes up to me asking for money and food. She holds up a cup with a picture of mother mary inside. I feel nothing, am I supposed to? But I look around as she approached the next table, they don't seem to feel anything too. A police officer chases her away, just like how he chased the pigeons and laughed. 

3) A group of tourists from china throws pizza crumbs and attracted a whole city of pigeons. And good lord, they stood in the middle of this body of pigeons flapping around just to take a photo. That is completely disgusting, just...just putting it out there. One of the men holds out his hand in attempt to lure a pigeon to sit on his hand, is he going to break out into song alla Cinderalla style? I can't watch. 

4) As I work on my embroidery, a group of Americans sat next to me. They are assuming that I do not understand english because they are talking about me. The lady is saying to the man "she's doing it completely wrong, she's not supposed to tie the knot on the thread like that". I do not look up because I might scowl. 

5) A group of men sat behind me. They're french, how beautiful is the language. His eyes, they're beautiful too. He winks at me and smile, I pricked my finger and scowled. 

I leave you with some photos. 

View from Castel Sant'angelo. If you've played this game called Assasin's Creed, you'd be like me...resisting the urge to run up towers and climbing pipes and stones. This place is LEGIT, like the game, with people in robes walking around. LEGIT. 

The room of an important person. With nothing but paintings and a harpsichord next to her bed. I wonder what her life is like, what are her first thoughts in the morning. But anyway...

Touching walls = touching history. 

And just incase you're wondering...the water is cold. Really cold. And it tastes...thick but refreshing. 

Ok so now its time for random fact of the day!

Did you know that Tiramisu actually means Pull Me Up? So lets say for some reason, you're dangling off a cliff, and an italian stranger is looking down at should shout "TIRAMISU!

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  1. This seems like such an interesting place! I love your style of writing, i don't get bored, which, believe me, happens in a lot of other blogs :) keep up the good work, because i will definately come back to your blog :)