Wednesday, June 10, 2015

All roads lead to Rome

Dear Friends,

I am in Rome, I can barely believe it but here I am. The flight here was really horrible, I couldn't get any sleep at all because of my back pain and also because I don't earn enough to upgrade to first class where I might have been able to get better sleep, but still....its okay. Instead, because of my lack of sleep, I watched lots of movies instead, so heres a mini film review of films I watched. (i'll put mini stars to indicate how good they are upon 5) 

1) Amelie *****
2) Big Eyes ****
3) Miss Meadows ***
4) Mordecai *
5) A Good Marriage **

so still! Rome! So much soul, culture, and history everywhere. But really, I'm not going to list down places to visit and which restaurant to eat at because truly I can't run a travel blog. I am terrible at that and also because there are better alternatives like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor. But instead, I want to share some thoughts and observations with you starting with this: when travelling, don't fuss about the small things. And by this I mean, if things don't go your way... laugh first, shrug your shoulders, then figure it out later. If you get lost, don't fuss, just laugh ( a small giggle will do), and cheerfully ask for directions. I'm saying this because I noticed a lot of people asking for directions with a frown. Like *frowns* do you know where the metro is *frowns* Maybe frowning emphasises the fact that one is lost, I don't know... but don't do that...  Always always take things lightly. If things don't go to plan, like, it starts raining and your day plan is ruined...go with it! I know of people who get terribly upset when things like that happen. Don't fuss about the small things, taking things more lightly and I hate to use this word but, YOLOish, makes life so much easier and lighter rather than getting anxious and panicking and getting angry don't you think? 

ok also, 

Enjoy the sounds. By that I mean, listen to people talk. Listen to the local radio playing in shops. Listen to conversations . When I am walking along the streets of Rome, I like to repeat to myself the words that I hear. So I'll walk around and I'll hear someone say "Grazie!" and I'll repeat it exactly with the same intonation immediately (softly to myself of course). Italians are extremely friendly. Every morning as I walk down the street they will be smiling and waving "Buongiorno!". But anyway, I try to listen out for as many new italian words everyday to increase my vocabulary, and today I learnt that Matita means Pencil

Look at people. Imagine their stories, imagine their life. What do you think they do for a living? Look at their clothes, what is their favourite colour? This is my favourite activity to do. It's free too. 

Todays thoughts and observations: 

>The sun rises at 530am and sets at 9pm. This makes me feel extremely productive. I wake up early, and I go to sleep late, I feel like I can do more in the day. Strange feeling, but I like it so much better compared to winter days. 

>If I opened a restaurant here and nobody knows about it, I have to go out on the streets to tell people about my restaurant just like they do here, but that might seem overly desperate too.

>Sitting next to a well dressed 40 something year old italian man, he is invading my space....but its okay, strange connection...human to human. I will mentally let him know it's ok. Daijobu~

>Sometimes I wish I am the ultimate pick pocketer. Like I come here and I look weak and vulnerable so thieves prey on me. But actually BAM, I end up stealing all their stolen stuff and when they realise it....the look on their faces....haha I live for that moment. But sadly, I am just an ordinary 25 year old. 

>Maybe if I touch that ancient roman rock there, it will trigger something in my DNA that will make me glow. 

So anyway, I'll leave you with some photos and words...

"ok where am I"
"I don't know where this is"
"oh wells, whatever"
I died at this sight. 

Evenly spaced people
Man talking to hidden monkey who refuses to come down from the roof of his truck. 
Roses from last night to wipe your car. 
Aimless walking 
She wants the dress at the window, she walked past it 3 times. But she does not buy it. 
Is the balcony optional? Can the owners add it and also decide on the length of it? 
What if my soulmate is in this photo at this given time. 
Words I recognize: Tutti, Pane, Olive, Pizza, Superofferta, Acqua.
All roads lead to Rome

oh also, when people give you flowers on the street with a charmyyyyy smile, don't accept them. It usually comes with a price, and I was also kidding about the monkey on the man's roof.  Ciao! Notte~~~


  1. You and your blog are so cute! I love your travel observations. I am one of the people who frowns when lost but now I am going to shrug my shoulders and smile. Happy travels!

  2. Following your Instagram account for a loongg time but this is my first time I am reading your blog. I loveee it as well as your instagram feed. Anyway, may I ask you question(s)? Are you doing solo travelling? If yes, I am wondering who's taking all of your lovely photos? ☺
    Greetings from Indonesia 💛