Tuesday, February 23, 2016


So she was talking and talking and talking, and I honestly had nothing to say because it was getting late and I am just thinking about macaroni soup dinner at home. I stepped into the lift to signal that the conversation should end now, but I cant stop her mid conversation. So I just smiled as she told me about her 15 month old child. And then the lift door started to close whilst she was still talking! And I was like holy shit, ok where is the open button!! Why are there so many buttons!! Argh cant find it! In the split second as the lift door continued to close, I looked up and saw her expression of shock...that probably read like "is she closing the lift door on me mid conversation?!" I did the quickest thing I could possibly think of...to stick my foot out to stop the lift door from closing. Only to realise that it has jammed the lift and set off the alarm. It was so super awkward, she went back to the kitchen and got me some kiwis to bring home. 

I carried the small box of kiwis home and thought about macaroni soup, the piling work on my desk and where the 'Open' button is. 

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