Friday, April 10, 2015

blue hues and stacey

You heard Stacey's voice in the crowd, you turned but alls just a sea of faces. You're not sure who Stacey is, what colour hair she has, how far apart her eyes are, her face don't know anything about Stacey but you recognise her voice. You're sure its her. You slow down and wait for that voice to pass by your right ear in hopes that you can identify Stacey... to finally see her face, to put a face to the name, to her voice.

The rush hour crowd.

Push Push Push. You look back as the crowd pushes on and you strain your ears to listen.

Your phone rings.
You put it to your ear
and she goes "hi teresa, its stacey.

lovely hues in the sky, 
stacey must be saying hi. 
blue hues on the floor,
stacey, stop, please, no more. 
blue hues for tea,
Stacey, let go and be free. 

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