Monday, November 9, 2015


A typical day of errand running would most likely consist of buying 80++ embroidery hoops and 100+ threads and other knick knacks like erasers because they keep disappearing, I found one under my pillow the other night. Im not kidding. I usually do work on my bed so sometimes whilst moving around the eraser might have slipped under my pillow. So I buy lots of erasers but it always seems to run out and they all disappear!

Maybe something like Toy Story, my room studio has a version Eraser Keshigomu Story, where all the erasers who were mistreated come together to plot revenge or to build an army so their strategy is to get all the erasers to go in hiding so that I will buy MORE erasers to feed their army. Holy shit, they're so smart!!! 


The kind people at Aide De Camp probably knows how much I need to carry on a day to day basis for work. I run workshops so sometimes I need to lug all my thread supplies + embroidery hoops + scissors AND erasers, I end up carrying more than 3 tote bags. They've very kindly gifted me with one of their Nadine bag to use. So the other day I came home to this: 

(image credit: 

Would you look at how spacious this bag is!? Its actually meant for cameras hence the middle lens holder, but I've used it to separate my craft items when I carry them home. Worried about your water bottle spilling? NO PROBLEM with this bag. It really carries all. Theres even a padded section at the back to keep your laptop safe. Lots and lots of compartments, great for OCD NEAT people. \^_^/

This has been my everyday bag when I go for meetings or workshops since the day Aide De Camp sent me this gift. Check the rest of the collection here:


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