Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday's Haze Terrors

Actually, wanted to write about music today, but the haze situation has just peaked to its highest level (in two years!!) and it has succeeded in affecting me emotionally, making me paranoid about EVERYTHING. I mean, this is not good because I am already a very paranoid person to begin for an example if I'm in a meeting, I'll start to think "omg did i close the windows at home?? holy shit, did I turn off the iron? Omg if my parents come home to a burnt house I am so screwed, argh is it too late to take a cab back home now to check? Argh I wish I could call the iron to switch itself off " but NOW, I have even more serious things to be paranoid about. Like omg, why do I have difficulty breathing ? Why does my chest feel so tight? Can people actually die from inhaling too much impurities? Omg i can't see, my eyes hurt. What if I open my eyes too long and omg holy shit, the wind is blowing in my direction now I can't see where I'm going, the air... arggghoguaew....*falls* 

This literally sums up my whole day!The only time I could breathe normally was when I got indoors. It got even worse at night, I started to feel like there were clumps of particles in my eyes and they were getting SO itchy. I mean, cmon! I even had to order a double mc spicy burger just so I could force cry the impurities out of my eyes. T_T 

To all my Singaporean friends, stay safe!! Wear a mask or a scarf (sahara dessert style)!! Eat more mc spicys, cry and cleanse your eyes!! 

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