Monday, September 19, 2016


Hi guys!!

Its been way too long. I know I know, things have gotten soooo crazy busy around here which makes this very timely post! A few weeks ago, Hobium (a web company based in turkey) contacted me about their site...where craft lovers can buy all kinds of craft supplies on there. They have a variety of stuff, from jewellery making to yarns to magazines. They wanted to send me any product of my choice as a gift to try out their web shop service and give honest reviews.

The Hobium team was very very helpful. I had some difficulty using their site, more specifically the checkout part...for some reason it couldnt accept my address and kept prompting me to enter a valid address. That was quite frustrating because once I went back to the home page, my entire shopping cart was emptied. So I contacted the team and told them about it, they were super friendly, understanding and fast to help. We managed to solve the problem quite promptly and my order arrived not too long after. I was genuinely surprised when I received the package because I didnt think it'd take that fast!

Thank you Hobium for these and the pronto delivery!! :)


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